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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bio of a Potato Guy

Cartoons allow all kinds of personification, which inevitably leads to confusion. For instance, the classic question, "If Mickey's a mouse, and Pluto's his dog, what's Goofy?"

In the case of my current "mini-graphic novel" project, I like taking human-world objects and using them in potato society: a penny becomes a discus, a cocktail sword can be wielded to fend off a rabbit, etc. But then things start getting weird, if you look too close. In the arcade where they play "Ring Toss" and a Pac-Man watch as stand-up arcade games, you see a small coin on the floor, and an Icee cup scaled down to fit the hand of a fruit-girl. Well, I guess sentient produce have attained modern manufacturing methods after all. 


Sam said...

EXCITEMENT! I'm sad about the injured glow worm/caterpillar/whatever though. :(

Chad Woody said...

Good--it was an empathy test, and you passed. You are not an android in a Philip K. Dick novel.