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Monday, May 16, 2011

Cranial Stomp International

What's more pointlessly fun than looking at one's blog stats? I like checking out the list of countries that I've had traffic from. None of it tells me anything, really, but I can speculate with abandon.

After the U.S. and the U.K., third in my all-time hits is Germany. I suspect this is because of my entry "Human Centipede Revisited," which expands the Human Centipede concept into the Muppets universe. While the movie is not German per se, I think the main actor is, and I put a link to my drawing on the Facebook pages of both Dieter Laser and Tom Six. This probably brought in my Dutch visitors as well.

Who knows why I have hits from Croatia, Slovenia, and Russia, but I do. My wife says it is because of the SLUTS. She has a slight but colorful obsession with Eastern Bloc women—she says they will do unethical things to my privates, come to America to seduce me into sham marriages, then kill me in my sleep. I think this is because I once wrote about entertaining myself on a "Russian Brides" website, which featured lots of impossibly hot photos. The Czech Republic seems to pump out more than its fair share of porn-worthy sluts, I'm guessing because lots of movies are filmed there now, so maybe hot girls flock there for job opportunities. In any case, I doubt I'm drawing much slut traffic, but it's fun to consider. That's why I mention the Czech Republic—I don't have them yet, but maybe I can attract them. Bring on the Eastern Bloc sluts!

In the past month, I've picked up a fan in Iran. Whoever it is, they've returned a few times, so they must have an interest in either beekeeping, cockleburs, frogs in pipes, or Easter candy. Or maybe they stand united with me in a universal loathing of Garfield.

Malaysia? Two hits. Your guess is as good as mine.

Canada is just good ol' Canada. Solid fourth in supporting Cranial Stomp. Could be this guy Brad Pine, a Red Rogue fan from way back.

My most-viewed page ever remains "Pirate Ship Name Generator," which is really just a plug for another site. Second is "World's Fattest Ferret," which is a lie because it's a picture of a cat—sure to enrage all the ferret-lovers who googled their way to what they hoped would be ferret fun-tasy.

Let's have some revealing comments, you foreigners! Especially if you are sluts.

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