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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big Dreams Dan

It is funny to me that there is a guy I know through work that my wife and I call "Big Dreams Dan," and he'll never know that he's called that because it's really kind of a sardonic sort of insult meant to point out how he's an investment guy who has acted like he could buy and sell the world, and considering the buckling economy, his dreams have probably become much runtier and more realistic lately. Well, here's to Big Dreams Dan, and all the other people/animals with code names in the Chad Woody and Heather Johansen universe: ResponsiBilly, Hohn-Zone, Gran-Man, Captain Shannon, Catie Hulk-Legs, Purr-Baby, Squishy, Applehead Doll, Oreo Speedwagon, Harley Man, T-Hole, Sex Chicken Meth Mouth, Thor/Awkward Questions Kid, Schatzee, Marvonasaurus, Dr. Thunder and many more, in the land of Nichols Splendor and beyond. "God bless us, every one."