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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Joplin Found

Sunday's tornado in Joplin, Missouri shredded, among other things, the records of St. John's Hospital. Soon they said x-rays from there were found up to 70 miles away. Well, today I found mine. This sort of debris has fallen on my workplace before, but this may be a distance record.

The back is spattered with pulpy insulation bits and fibers. In the close-up you can see the patient's name, hospital, date, and more.


Sam said...

Sit on it and auction it on eBay after the made-for-TV movie comes out.

stevenl said...

I see the gentleman who was x-rayed Nov. 2003 died a short time later in his 80s. He was a realtor from Kansas.

As Pasha says in Dr. Zhivago: "The private life is dead."

Chad Woody said...

Wow--instant research is gonna get you!