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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Party Wife Rides the Celebrity Tsunami

My wife's uncle, currently featured in a Kansas City stage production of The Odd Couple, just busted open the secret world of celebs and let my wife right in. After his play Saturday night, we were inserted directly into the celebrity vortex with George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) and Tim Kazurinsky (SNL). Funnelled backstage, we shook a few hands and my wife, ever prepared, got Tim K. to sign an old Saturday Night Live book after making him go find a pen. Then we drove around the corner to a saloony restaurant and snacked within chip-passing distance of the stars.

Heather, her uncle Herman, George Wendt, and cousin Cassandra
the cast celebrates a whole evening of no one yelling "Norm!"

These guys were pretty cool, but the big payoff was yet to come. By the uncanny observational powers of Party Wife, it was found we were in the room with another celebrity of more subtle fame. While my pedestrian eye identified a tall "sort of Adrian Brody looking guy," Heather steamed ahead with the full processing power of a 16-kilochannel TV brain. After a few minutes she had it: "He's the Meat Delivery Man from Strangers With Candy!" David Pasquesi is his name, and he was the secret bonus-round celebrity of the day.

yes, even the wily Meat Man can be lured into view
As for me, the only observation of consequence I produced was this: from my seat in Kansas City's New Theater, where lots of people ate lots of awesome food under a Vegas-style tiered ceiling of lights and speakers, I realized that this was exactly the sort of decadent venue that terrorists—at least, socioeconomically minded Hollywood terrorists—would blow up with righteous glee... and in some way, those watching the movie would say, "See, when you chow down like caesars and watch plays, that's when terrorists kill you."

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Sam said...

I always liked Tim Kazurinsky. I would have made him do a line as the cranky old tow-truck guy from Neighbors. Congrats to Heather on her celebrity-hunting spoils.