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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Through a Hambone Monocle

Here is the gist of my art show, currently at Good Girl Art Gallery in Springfield, MO. It collects mostly recent highlights from illustration projects, often collaborations with other writers and artists.

"Yomi" wall: showing images from WONDER GIRL IN MONSTERLAND, poems by Brenda Sieczkowski.

"Uncle Knuckle" wall: images for UNCLE KNUCKLE'S PREPOSTEROUS NARRATIONS, all by KAt Philbin, except the cover by me.
KAt's walls: Tiny framed art by Kat (so outstanding I bought a few as the show began), and her prints, just as great.

"Red Rogue" and "Scoot, Newt" sections: Older stuff, including drawings for a collection of children's poems by Gordon Thompson, a grad-school mate from my time in Florida.

"Potato" wall: Scenes from "The Life and Death of a Potato," and its spin-offs, "The Potato Revolution," and "Annotatoes."