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Thursday, January 12, 2012

List Week Drifts Toward its Doom

Pirate Ship Names Concocted to Encourage Heterosexuality Among the Crew

1. The Buxom Mermaid
2. Sodomy Sinks Ships
3. The Orphan Boy’s Had Enough
4. Hef's Wife: "She's Ballasted with Playboys"
5. The Wet Gal
6. Remember Tits?
7. Th' Bride’s Plunder
8. The Delirious Whore of the Sargasso Sea
9. Calypso’s Knockers
10. The Slave Girl’s Pearl Necklace
11. The Indecent Strumpet with a Penchant for Rough, Salty Pounding
12. The Talented Lady Parts
13. The Adventurous Female

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