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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

List Week Drags On


List #2

Best ninja attacks, by rising difficulty level

1. Smoke bomb
2. Spiky metal puncture-pretzels (jacks?) tossed on footpath
3. Blindness salts
4. Nickel glued to floor, coated with contact poison
5. Celestial Monkey's Rape Simulation
6. Clothes pinned to the wall by throwing stars
7. Identity theft
8. Indoor Corn Maze
9. Stealth installation of faulty penile implant
10. Colitis Punch (creates or cures colitis, according to taste)


Brad said...

Re: #2--they're called "makibishi", or "caltrops" in English.

Brad said...

Almost forgot--leaving the cabinet doors open so your foe walks into them.

Chad Woody said...

Good eye, sensei.