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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Dad Sort of Wins Again

Don't drive down Farm Road 91 unless you want to build fence with this old man.

Most people give cops a wide berth. Some people get abused or intimidated by them. My friend Marcus, while moving stuff in his car, has had his boxes of breakfast cereal opened and dumped in the seat by cops who pulled him over looking for drugs, or just to serve him the ol’ humiliation platter. My dad apparently has the ability to turn the tables.

Yesterday he was rebuilding a barbed wire fence along the road, and a cop car drove past. It turned around at a neighbor’s house and came back by. My dad yelled, “Hey!” and the car stopped, backing up.

“Hey, I need your help,” said the farmer-dad. “You know how to build fence?”

“Oh no,” said the cop, “I never did anything like that.”

“Well, you better learn how—you might have to get some cattle in off the road, and then you’ll need to know how to fix a fence."

“Yeah, we do have to get cattle off the road sometimes….”

In the end, the cop did not do any work on the fence. Still, I don’t think this damaged my dad’s long-term goal to eventually Tom Sawyer a member of law enforcement into digging a hole for him or something.


Anonymous said...

LOL. This is awesome. BTW: I think Marcus told me he removed all his anti-everything propaganda bumper stickers after an incident like the one described and has not had that kind of abuse since.

Chad Woody said...

Yeah, I think those sort of car stickers do draw down the pain. A year or two ago there was even a thing in the news about a internal memo from MO law enforcement saying to scrutinize certain people (like ones w/ Ron Paul stickers on their cars) as troublemakers. I guess they're pretty literal, so hopefully the Decepticon symbol on my car will make them think it turns into a big ass-kicking robot.