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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cabin Fever Setting In

In an apparent last-ditch ploy to boost ratings, TV weatherpeople now call frost "freezing fog." Watch out, Geritol fans! This aggressive new strain of fog will crystalize right on your outdoor surfaces and create extra spiky frost that will dazzle you as it kills everything in its path.

Also, this.

In an apparent last-ditch effort to boost blog hits, this woman has dressed her cat like a little girl. "Pretty Paws," she claims, will be our ticket to the big-time. Unfortunately, this is a destination I want no part of. I was supposed to crop her out. Victory is mine!

Not scandalized yet? The cat in the dress is MALE.


Sam said...

I love this blog. "Freezing fog?" Really?

Chad Woody said...

Yes--it took me at least 3 times hearing "freezing fog" on local forecasts before I said, "Isn't that just FROST? What's with this new term?" Next they'll call rain "falling shark habitat."

Heather said...

the russian woman in this picture clearly needs a child.