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Friday, February 5, 2010


In reference to my previous post, "Fox News vs. Frogs," I went a-googling to dig up the name of the CEO of Fox News, and in the flood of Roger Ailes entries, discovered armies, legions, hordes of mad Fox acolytes who think the guy is just messianic and luscious, as in Laura-Ingraham-drooling-on-Dick-Cheney worshipful. In the aftermath of like 40 messages about how Ailes really showed that dumb bitch Arianna Huffington what for, and how he totally aced that Nobel laureate pussy Paul Krugman, I was like, What the fuck were these people watching? The guy rarely even answered the question at hand, much less with any rhetorical skill. He's about as charismatic as my foot after it's been in a wet boot all day (seen above). I finally posted the following, knowing I'm just stirring the turd.

What a pathetic wank-fest for lovers of ignorance, brainless fearmongering, and the basest of petty values. Because he can't contribute anything of value to the actual discussion at hand (health-care), Ailes changes the topic to--surprise--security and sovereignty of America. Oh! oh! Save me from the shoebombers and the "underpants" bombers, Roger! The guy smiles smugly for the camera each time he says "underpants" as if he's just produced some great comedic masterpiece. What a bunch of lamebrains, if you think this rich fat parasite is a Great American. He's a little baby Nero, and wow, he does have a face like a fist, which would be cool if it wasn't the Right Fist of Doom.

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