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Sunday, January 4, 2015

When Cat Fancying Goes Wrong

2014’s Only Pedigreed Cat Names Rejected by the Cat Fanciers Association

1. Whoremaster’s Kitten Dispenser
2. Mayflower’s Li’l Tortie Brothel Mop
3. Dennis’s Warm Milk on Tender Buttons
4. Black Market Smack Satchel of Pajamalove
5. Ball or Pee-pee Meat, Purrbaby?
6. Brutality’s Seal Point Dung Stain
7. Moist, Tender, Shaved Pussy
8. Harlequin Romance Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
9. Madison’s Dingleberry Brouhaha of Jasmine Larue
10. Mork & Mindy’s Torn Uterine Wall
11. Pandabear’s “Tail Amputations Bring Manx Prices”
12. “Cat”hy

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