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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Blog A-formin'

I'd like to have a communal blog for harsh write-ups of bad movies and TV, such as my previous post. I will try to watch something terrible periodically, and invite you to do the same. This would probably be easier to do in a Facebook group, but I don't want Zuckerburg dragging us down.

WEEKEND WASTED is the best title I have so far. I think my Dungeons and Dragons entry sets up a pretty good template, but we also need a ratings system. I don't think it works just to give a bad movie fewer traditional stars, because what we're craving here is that rare bad movie that is so bad it's also mutating into good; thus, a certain one-star movie might be ridiculously funny, whereas another one-star movie may just be unwatchable and boring. Here are ideas:

• 1-4 BLACK STARS: inverted stars that denote anti-quality
• 1-10 on the ED WOOD scale

It might also be funny to say where you "acquired" the movie—in the bargain bin at Mal-Wart, or on local late-night TV.

We can also nominate certain movies that need to be tackled, like a list for bounty hunters. I hereby nominate those "Left Behind" movies with Kirk Cameron.

If anyone knows the best way to build this blog/group, let me know. I suppose Facebook will be hard to beat.


BBrown said...

Does it need to be just movies? I want to go back to school just to write a thesis on The Biggest Loser. When crying fatties get voted off, their refrigerator light is snuffed. There's about 7 million things wrong with that show. Pass the popcorn with extra butter, please!

Chad Woody said...

TV is fair game--I'll load up the blog kick-off with my previous reviews of Another Karate Kid, Judge Judy, and Cops! Then we'll kick back await your thoughts on The Biggest Loser, and Marcus on Left Behind. Ah, the weekend tortures we'll save each other from!