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Monday, October 25, 2010

Secondhand Story

My wife’s cousin told this tale this weekend. It’s too wacky not to share:

“I was taking my dog to the vet when I saw this baby cow in the ditch, with its butt just on the side of the road and its head sticking up. I pulled up the driveway and this mean dog was barking and snarling so I was scared to get out of the car. When the vet finally came out, I told her about the calf by the road and she said, “Oh, that’s Trish!” The vet walked out to the road and called Trish by her name; the calf stood up and wobbled around. She said, "Trish is blind!" and put her finger in Trish’s mouth so she could suck on it like a bottle. “Come on, Trish.” I couldn’t get out because the mean dog was still acting like Cujo. The vet was coming back my way, when Trish ran into a tree, which made me laugh hard but it was also sad. Then when they got there, Trish ran pretty hard into my car. Twice.”

Regretfully, I have no picture of this one.

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