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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quincy Me, Quincy You

Tonight I learned that in childhood my wife, just like me, often watched the intro to the TV show Quincy M.E. but never watched the show. It must have had something good on before it. I always watched it at least until the part where Quincy challenged the new-meat medical interns to a hideous corpse by pulling back the sheet. They gagged and doubled over and I think one fell down. Awesome!

But was I ever tempted to watch the whole show? Fuck no! My wife thought it was about a doctor who got a lot of dates with attractive women. As far as I could tell, it was about an old guy with a strong stomach. I also always wondered what the M.E. stood for. That was the only thing I was curious about. I wouldn't be interested in watching a show about an old guy until The Equalizer, unless My Favorite Martian in syndication counts.

I'm going to see if the Quincy intro is on Youtube. The intro is all I want.

Now that I've seen it, she's right—Quincy appears to score more than his share of hot ass.

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