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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Fall Guy in Colombia

At a flea market last weekend, I saw this Fall Guy lunchbox and almost bought it for this guy I know, Antonio Martinez from Bogota, Colombia. I worked with him for a few months around 2006. We had many conversations about Latin America and whatnot. One of the nuttier surprises about growing up in Colombia is that, according to Antonio, Colombian children worshiped The Fall Guy. BUT, in their country that's not what the show was called. Apparently the title was changed to something in Spanish that translates roughly as "Dangerous Professions!" I remember it took about half a day to piece all this together because, without the same titles, I didn't know what the fuck he was talking about.

Antonio said the Fall Guy's tough pickup was the dream vehicle of every Colombian boy. Colt Sievers's truck maybe had some kung-fu grip on their imaginations because it apparently resembled the hefty old trucks they use to harvest coffee in the mountains around Bogota.

Here's a Youtube where we learn how big are the balls on Colt's truck!



Brad said...

Link to sweet clip of said truck for your cutting pasting and viewing pleasure:

Chad Woody said...

Awesome tailgate-shedding action! I'm gonna see if I can put it on the front page!