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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sabre-toothed Martian Death-Rabbit

He careens into the stratosphere on his ferric asteroid! Surrender your carrots or be destroyed.

You can make your very own asteroid-riding rabbit, with minimal investment, especially in the supply-rich environment of an office or kids' art class. All you need: a rock (preferably pitted and meteoric), a small paper clip, a bendy brad, one pipe cleaner, two googly eyes, and something for teeth (paper or plastic fork tines).

Just poke the paper clip into the base of the brad (between the dish part and the two tines). Some bending may be required. Spread the brad tines into "ears." The paper clip is now the rabbit's "spine." Now wrap and bend the pipe cleaner into a body, starting at one front leg, then torso, back leg, tail, back leg, torso, front leg. Be strategic--one pipe cleaner is enough, but you can always cut part of another one if you run out before all the body parts are done. Now just affix two eyes and two teeth. I glued on the eyes, then just jammed two plastic fork tips into the base of the brad, where tension keeps them in, but you could use glue if you enjoy gluing.

Now put your rabbit on display at the local county fair or house of ill repute.

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