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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grimy Snowboy Survives Day of Motoring

I'm proud of my buddy. He was not even expected to make it to the highway, much less across town at 70 mph. He lost a lot of weight in the 30+ hour ride on my wipers, but he never lost his will to live or his pleasing demeanor. His puny stick arms stayed high in glee/terror until the end, and he brought joy to at least one teen, one dad w/ toddler, and my brother. One time he slid over directly in front of my steering wheel and I feared I'd have to wipe him; instead, I just drove ever gentler around corners, to the dismay of the drivers behind me. He even survived my giving a Little Debbie snack to a homeless man on an exit ramp at Battlefield & 65-- I said, "You want a brownie?" and the guy whipped out a paw straight from "The Road" and said, "YES SIR!"

That's a full account of the life of Snowboy. He lived a full life for a guy with dirt for eyes.

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The Kid said...

Not poison! It is not poison!