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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sweet Rewards
After a long time in the making, the comic anthology CRINGE! is near. It's full of stories such as mine, where people (generally the authors themselves) fess up to embarrassing things. Like that one episode of Buck Rogers when they pulled his shirt off and futuristic women bid on his bod, it must now suffer the glorious public auctioneering of the Kickstarter campaign. I saw some sample pages, and it's looking pretty cool.

I offered some of my recent goods as Kickstarter incentives. Because nothing says "Buy me" like quasi-related other products lingering in my garage... I don't know what the price of the book is yet, or what the donation levels will be.

Basic Level: PDF Comic Books

For the non-lords&ladies who buy whatever. Read them on your devices, if you can figure that shit out.
40-page mini where you choose your own adventure. What a pain!

20-page comic with idiosyncratic pirates. Chad Woody & Edward Bolman. Moderately triumphant.

Bigshot Level: Fish-with-a-Gun Hats

Actual real-world, non-digital object, has the value of a hat. These will still be around, likely in my closet, long after we die or delete our cloud, unless they get thrown away. Screw your digital head—Protect your actual head!
Yes, it's a hat with a fish holding a nonlethal gun.

Hats are adjustable, but too big for a tiny child with hot-dog arms.

Godly Level: Make It Happen

Give more to the Kickstarter campaign than any sensible person would, and you can come over to my house. I will swing you in my hammock swing and serve you a beverage. Tour my shed, take a cutting from any of my houseplants. Within two hours, you must depart.

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