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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gibberish in Babyville

Sometimes our baby channels my old school chum, Chris DeLozier

When you have a baby, especially one with a 4-syllable name raised by verbally overactive parents, the nicknames sort of flow logorrheically. Here is an incomplete list of Penelope's many handles:

Bibo, Pea/P, P-pod, Swee' Pea, SweetP, Peanut, Cutie, CoCo, Bud-E, Soy Pig, Bibble, Penelope (pronounced like cantaloupe), Plopp, Ploppy, Disaster Pants, Banana, Li'l Delozier, Li'l Struggles, Li'l Caesar, Eggbutt, Rage Baby, Punchy, Mean BB, Sugar Pop, Sugar, Booger, Booger Pod, Burple, Sniffle, Snizzle, Sissy, Taco Toes, Fussypants, Fuss-o-matic, Grumple, Plumpy Nut, Tinkletoes, Tinkertot, Gerd-E, BABY!


Sam said...

I like Ploppy, because of the BlackAdder II bit. Maybe you haven't seen it...

Chad Woody said...

Not seen it--just coincidental genius.