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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Funeral in Monsterland

Art show at Good Girl Art fast approaching. Not much new work happening, unless I can hang baby pictures and dirty diapers.


NEKOBOMB said...

I saw your work tonight and have total adoration. I hope to make purchases of your work. How long will your art be displayed at Good Girl Art? -- Eager new fangirl.

ps. Get a tumblr, promote yourself. Your art is killer!!

Chad Woody said...

Thanks! The show will be up for the rest of June, but I also have the perpetual crate in the middle of the store for my printmaking stuff... so, I'm always in there in a small way.

You are right, I gotta get crackin' with some more internet modes--a real website, tumblr, and of course a webcam to show me eating cereal every morning.

NEKOBOMB said...

Ha, who knows, you may have a future career as a YouTuber. Be sure to mix it up with different cereals though.

And definitely. Link'em up so I know. There's RedBubble, Society6(?) and others where you can skim a profit. I frequently buy post cards ahckhem.

Keep it up. I'll check out the prints.