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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Video Retrospective

Two college-days classics, plus my two touching Xtranormal cartoon dramas, indexed chronologically for the nonsense completist.

Classics of Talking to My Mom
by: floppycrow

Easter Debate--Georgia & Raleigh
by: floppycrow


Sam said...

Funny how Johnno looked just like Dolph Huy when he was a teenager. "Hey! Leave that chair alone!" is the best. I never knew there where so many pope dives. And, I think it's perfectly sane to want to have a comfy chair in all those places. God damn. God damn it.

Chad Woody said...

There were even more pope dives, but a few were lost to the ages, including into a St. Louis fountain, and onto a crude castle of cereal boxes in Florida.

The only thing better than "Hey! Leave that chair alone!" is Marcus's retort: "Shutup, then!"

Sam said...

I didn't recognize Marcus. I'll have to watch it again. :(