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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Woodcut in Progress

Because this woodcut has been a drawing for a long time, and it's technically demanding, I took some pictures at a few stages, mostly because I worried I'd screw something up. So far, I haven't really blown it, but I'm not finished yet.

Nearly finalized drawing. Rarely do I go beyond pencil on the block, but this one seemed intimidating.

Started cutting. Added bird in upper right.

Cut most of the trickiest stuff. Adding some black to give more punch and ink-roll support. Decided against weird marsupial and carved him out.

Test print of upper portion. Mostly delivering the desired effect.
Whittled down a few of the branches. Tried wavy lines through the hips to boost the translucency idea. All the lower vegetation was easy, especially the white-on-black wintercreeper leaves.

Prints nice in first few tries, on my salvaged file folders. The background fell into place with some of the simplest vertical nicks and dots. Only thing I'm not sure about is this sharp "chin-strap" line on the jaw. It made sense in the drawing stage, but not so much now.


Marcus Howell said...

It's rare to see you "blow it", seems like th' worry is unfounded

Chad Woody said...

There are a few cuts in this one I wish I could take back, but if I just stay quiet, maybe no one will notice.

Sam said...

F'n bad-ass. I like the marsupial, but probably a better piece without it. Maybe your best female figure to date as far as I know.

Sam said...

Kinda like it better reversed.

Chad Woody said...

Thanks. Good figure because I actually modeled it on a photo of a woman, instead of my usual invented cartoon-people. I'm not really good enough to pull realistic figures from my mind's eye, but I can copy them from references or models.