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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grandma Hanging in There

My wife's grandma, like the kitten in the famous library poster, is still hanging in there. Don't ask her how she is, because it won't be pretty. 2010 was the year of saying, "This old gray mare ain't what she used to be." So far 2011 has been more about sitting in pain next to the pain pills she should have taken four hours earlier.

Last weekend, she let us take her picture with the Billing Fair booklet, open to the page where her ad is printed. She lets them use the same ad every year, in the same font: "Let's make this a good fair! —Rose Mary Johansen" I think the ad has repeated enough times now that it can be read as a miffed complaint about the past fairs, as in, "Let's make THIS a good fair (finally)!"

"I'm missing the Cardinals because of this tomfoolery."

On a trip to Grandma's bathroom, I think I may have discovered the source of some of her woes. It looks like Avon sent her the wrong product.

Vandalizing an old lady's stuff, to test her acuity.

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