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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Win Again

I finally finished my first xtranormal movie. Once I had a script, it only took me about an hour. They have a pretty brilliant interface or template or whatever the hell they call all the dingleknobs that allow you to make stuff. Oddly enough, among the many platoons of characters to choose from, there are none approximating a mother and son. Couldn't even find an old lady.

You also have to type a lot of phonetic misspellings, especially names like "Obamma" and "Paylin." And it has trouble with contractions and some pacing, but in a way, the vocal weirdness adds to the humor. Thanks, internet!


Edward said...

I don't encounter these sorts of arguments in my daily life. I do keep meeting people who insist the moon landings were faked, which makes me nuts. And the polio vaccine causes autism, and look, there's the chemtrails, and so on. Help!

Marcus Howell said...

I feel your pain. I really like how the computer voice says "goddammit" I wish there was a way for your character to rip his cardboard head off and throw it.

Sam said...

Gaw dammut! Your mom and my mom would be best friends.