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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Highlights from Billings Parade and Fair

"Why'd we come out here again, Tightpants?"

If your kids fall off the float, these bottles will help drag their bodies off the road.

Another questionable marketing strategy.

The Mormon Uprising!

Some kind of pit stop in front of a classic riding-mower OSHA violation.

I did it for the ditch candy.

These unpretentious tubers rose to the top of their category by way of masterful presentation.

Best in Show!

Ride the Paratrooper for aerial vomit opportunities over tractor-pull staging area! Plus, constant threat of instant death by metal fatigue.

(No photo available of me heckling the Roy Blunt promotional car, yelling, "Boooo! Throw the bums out!" until the old man in the car (not Roy Blunt, unfortunately) looked at me thumbing angrily over my shoulder and he frowned. HA HA, Blunt Flunky, you can't speed away when you're stuck in a parade! Even in Billings, MO, dissatisfied justice will find you.)

1 comment:

Marcus Howell said...

I'd like a photo of you on the porch swing with "best in show" life-size. His name is Mermo, which is also my word verification