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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Youngster Unknowingly Spouts Immortal Quote

On the rim trail of the Grand Canyon, these two kids, a boy and a girl, trotted alongside their parents. The boy, maybe ten years old and precocious, led the little girl to a yucca plant that was losing some leaves. They each had some of the long pointy leaves in their fists. The dad's exasperated face seemed to say "why can't my kid just like football?" as the boy said, "It's like a sword-gathering mini-game!"

For two or three days after that, I repeated this line, wondering what constitutes a mini-game, and creating other versions: "It's like a gas-pumping mini-game," etc. Genius dummy.


Bradley said...

Dammit! This is the best. Since I read this everything has been like a life living mini game. Probably it comes from video games--longer quest type games have mini games. It's like a comment leaving mini-game!

Chad Woody said...

YES! It's like an enthusiasm-expressing mini-game!