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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crackers no match for mouse

If you think some food item is unusual and worth keeping around for a long time, think again. Today I thought I heard a rustle in a drawer near the computer. What did I find when I opened the drawer? A lot of crumbs and mouse crap from a little packet of pastel-colored Hello Kitty cracker balls... there's no name for them here... I think the Japanese consider them candy, but Americans would place them somewhere between cracker, cookie, and candy. Now they are mostly poop. The drawer stinks so much like a mouse that my hand stunk for about an hour after digging around in three drawers for the mouse, finally leaving two of them out for the cat to learn from. Learn how to get that mouse, Squishy! She camped out all day in and by the drawers. As it turns out, the cat is also no match for the mouse.
I thought it smelled like autumn today.

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